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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
77 38 months ago shell scripts installed in $LMND_ROOT/bin should prefix path with $LMND_ROOT/bin unread burcin burcin
60 49 months ago python builds on recent Ubuntu boxes fail unread burcin  
55 49 months ago set CPATH & LIBRARY_PATH in lmonade shell testing burcin burcin
56 43 months ago g++ wrapper does not detect -Wl,-rpath=/path unread benloren  
67 49 months ago configure should detect java run time unread burcin  
64 49 months ago error messages during bootstap get lost unread burcin  
63 49 months ago portage bootstrap fails when chown is called with username:groupname and groupname != username unread burcin  
62 49 months ago portage needs GNU grep unread burcin  
61 49 months ago should check if it is run from the lmnd-prefix tree without arguments unread burcin  
59 49 months ago At start of bootstrap, check for custom CPPFLAGS, LDFLAGS etc. unread fingolfin  
58 49 months ago /usr/bin is prefixed to PATH during build process, but not when checking presence of tools unread fingolfin  
57 49 months ago Presence of non-GNU xargs causes build failures unread fingolfin  
53 49 months ago dev-perl/XML-LibXSLT-1.760.0 : emake failed unread YueRen  
11 35 months ago add fakeroot to portage FEATURES unread burcin  
9 37 months ago NewInterface chatting burcin  
76 40 months ago detect TeX install on the host unread burcin  
22 55 months ago configure should accept more than one --flavor argument deferred burcin  
27 11 months ago make an ebuild for pycox chatting burcin  
78 26 months ago 323 unread alfieflaherty  
65 28 months ago Summary Command #9229 unread burcin  
26 28 months ago Summary Command #8392 unread burcin  
30 35 months ago make an ebuild for LELA unread burcin  
29 35 months ago make an ebuild for permlib unread burcin  
12 35 months ago portage output not visible on light background unread burcin  
8 36 months ago monitor unread burcin  
75 43 months ago compilerwrapper symlinks have two // in front unread burcin  
72 43 months ago make an ebuild for qepcad unread burcin  
70 44 months ago make an ebuild for c-xsc unread burcin  
69 44 months ago make an ebuild for libdogleg unread burcin  
66 49 months ago binary ebuild for jreality unread burcin  
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